About us

BD Savjetovanje / BD Reviz - Your partners in doing business

The BD story began 30 years ago, with the cooperation between two passionate lovers of taxes, auditing, and bookkeeping, Branka and Domagoj.

Concretely and objectively, we provide a complete service in the areas of bookkeeping, tax consulting, payroll, and auditing. Subjective views and experiences certainly bring the most important side of the business, which is the care of our clients and an individual approach to each task. Auditing and bookkeeping may be a worry and fatigue for you, but for us, it is love and passion.

We are committed to gaining your confidence by proving our ability to handle your worries with a high level of attention and professionalism.
Branka Topolovec
Domagoj Hladika

Individual Approach Is All That Matters

Our clients are mostly Croatian companies with foreign ownership, and if you plan to do business in Croatia, we will provide you with full support. The support refers to the entire process - from the establishment of the company to the services of using a business address and office.

Reliability and trust are the values ​​that guide us in our daily work. We want to become your partners. Experience has taught us that the specific questions of our clients require specific answers.

This is the reason why we do not offer a "ready-made" approach, but an individual approach that meets the needs of each client at a certain stage of business and development.

Full Name

BD Savjetovanje company with limited liability for services

BD Reviz company with limited liability for auditing, accounting, tax consulting, financial analysis, and control


BD Savjetovanje d.o.o.

BD Reviz d.o.o.


BD Savjetovanje d.o.o. - Ilica 1A, 10 0000 Zagreb

BD Reviz d.o.o. - Ilica 1A, 10 000 Zagreb

Competent Court

BD Savjetovanje d.o.o. - Commercial Court in Zagreb

BD Reviz d.o.o. - Commercial Court in Zagreb


BD Savjetovanje d.o.o.

OIB: 51491622226 MBS: 080587355

BD Reviz d.o.o. 

OIB: 78844587682 MBS: 080293765


BD Savjetovanje d.o.o.

Branka Topolovec, Domagoj Hladika

BD Reviz d.o.o.

Branka Topolovec, Domagoj Hladika

Share Capital

BD Savjetovanje d.o.o. - 4,000.00€ paid in full

BD Reviz d.o.o. - 4,000.00€ paid in full

A business account with PBZ d.d.

BD Savjetovanje d.o.o. HR7823400091110255296

BD Reviz d.o.o.  HR2723400091110294723