For many, the very thought of bookkeeping makes them nervous. For us, it's a job we're happy to do.

Our experienced team of accountants adapts to companies of all sizes. We specialize in providing financial accounting services to small and medium-sized companies, especially those in foreign ownership and those organized as branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies.

We approach each client with special individual attention and try to agree on a system of services that would be ideal. We would like to point out that we do not offer a "ready-made" approach, but an individual one, i.e. adapted to the needs of each client at a certain stage of business and development.

The quality of our services is ensured by highly qualified staff with a team of educated associates engaged in specific projects or according to the needs of clients. The team of experts dedicates itself to each client so that they are at your disposal at all times.

Each team is led by a certified auditor or tax advisor. We offer services in English and German, and all members of our team speak both languages. Our staff has experience in working with different accounting programs - we currently use Microsoft Dynamics, Navision, and SAP at the client's request.

Any questions? Let’s talk!

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