Due Dilligence

Get comprehensive support for due diligence and make informed decisions based on reliable assessments of risks and opportunities with our expert assistance.

A common feature of the modern economy is an organizational structure that often undergoes significant changes. When it is decided to buy or sell, a tender for acquisition items is conducted. Consequently, the necessary due diligence must be carried out under great pressure and focus on specific areas. Systematic concentration on relevant factors that determine value optimizes the benefits of in-depth analysis for the user.

We provide our clients with comprehensive support in the planning and implementation of due diligence by realistically assessing risks and opportunities. Depending on the specific case, the analysis may include, for example, the condition of assets and financial results, cash flow, market position, tax risks, and staffing conditions.

Our clients have a solid foundation for making decisions. It is important to base decisions on reliable assessment models, statistics, and sensitivity analyses that allow risk consideration. In addition, on the basis of stimulation, we help with the additional presentation of the impact of transactions on the company's balance sheet.

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